Alumni Advisory Board Members

Megan Wilcox

Term:   2011-2114
Degree:   AS in nursing '11
Home:   Nassau, NY

Selected as the Commencement Graduate Speaker, Megan addressed the Class of 2011 about the challenges of being a single mother, full-time employee, and adult student; a story that resonates with thousands of Excelsior’s students. As a clinical research coordinator at The Vascular Group in Albany, she leads the Vascular Registry Department where she collects and analyzes data on over 60,000 vascular procedures that is then used by physicians for academic writing and presentations worldwide.  In 2011, she published her first article, "Vascular Research: Saving Lives and Limbs" in V-AWARE®: The Journal. Currently, she is pursuing a master’s of science in nursing at Excelsior, and in her free time she enjoys horseback riding and being outdoors.