Credit for Previous Education Policy

Previous education will be assessed by the Center for Professional Development administration and prior credit will be awarded when deemed appropriate.

Credit for clock hour work can be granted if a student has done previous work in a similar program.  Cases will be determined on an individual basis and a student will have to show prior knowledge by taking appropriate assessments within a specified professional development program.

For example, if a student has completed 3 months of a Pharmacy Technician program at another institution or organization and then enrolls in the Pharmacy Technician program at Excelsior College that student has the opportunity to get credit for their previous education once enrolled in a program.  The student can take assessments to show their level of knowledge and understanding for the specified program.

Students must submit the appropriate request in writing to:

Center for Professional Development
Excelsior College
7 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 12203-5159

Leave of Absence and Deployment  - Students participating in professional development programs will receive credit for clock hours completed in he event that an individual has a documented medial leave or military deployment.

Excelsior College will grant a leave of absence of up to six months maximum to a student enrolled in a professional development program who has medical or personal reasons that prohibits the student from progressing in their program.  Individual cases will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Center for Professional Development administration.  Documentation is required and to be provided by the student.

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