Student Conduct Policy

Excelsior College expects students to exhibit the highest level of student citizenship. The term "students" includes:  students currently matriculated at Excelsior College taking examinations and/or courses, non-matriculated students taking examinations and/or courses, non-matriculated students in the application process, individuals using OneTranscriptSM, students in professional education programs, formerly matriculated students currently in withdrawn status, and graduates.  In view of the freedom granted to students in fulfilling the requirements for a degree, or taking Excelsior College courses, examinations, or professional development programs, it is understood that the final responsibility for meeting the student conduct standards rests with students. In particular, students are expected to:

1. treat each other, Excelsior College staff and faculty, and test center staff with mutual respect and understanding;

2. pursue their learning goals with honesty and integrity;

3. behave in a manner consistent with the standards and codes of the profession in which they practice or aspire to practice;

4. participate actively in the advising process, sufficient to demonstrate that they are progressing satisfactorily in their degree programs, and report to the college all degrees earned at other accredited institutions, if enrolled;

5. comply with the policies, procedures and program information contained in Excelsior College catalogues, course and examination registration materials, Excelsior College Web site and other publications.

6. submit all necessary information requested by the College in a timely fashion;

7. keep the college informed of any changes in name, address, email address, telephone number, and Social Security Number;

8. meet their financial obligations to the College in a timely manner.

Students not in compliance with this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension, dismissal, or financial hold on records.

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