Center for Technology Leadership


The Center for Technology Leadership is focused on developing technology leaders through accessible and affordable education, networking, and advising.

Membership in Excelsior’s Center for Technology Leadership is open to nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, as well as the businesses and associations that support them.

Among the benefits:

  • Access to proprietary technology leadership research
  • Discounted pricing on course tuition
  • Listing in the member directory on our Web site and network

Join and help the next generation of CIOs.

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Membership Dues

Educational Institution

Dues are based on full-time student equivalent (FTE) from the National Center for Education Statistics.


< 1,500

1,500 to 2,499

2,500 to 3,999

4,000 to 5,999

6,000 to 7,999

8,000 to 10,999

11,000 to 14,999

15,000 to 19,999

20,000 to 24,999


Higher Education Dues











System Office:
Associate Member (Corporation) $2,000

Membership Directory

Arizona State University
ATEC Group
Bowdoin College
ComDoc, Inc.
Cornell University
Maricopa Community Colleges
One Communications Corp.
Portland State University
Ronco Communications & Electronics, Inc.
St. Louis Community College
SunGard Higher Education
University of Georgia
University of Missouri - Kansas City
Virginia Community College System
Webster University