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Distinguished Faculty of the Year 2013

Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year awards are given to faculty members in each School who are nominated by students, staff and faculty for outstanding accomplishments. The recipients exemplify the finest qualities of the Excelsior College faculty and are representative of the extraordinary and truly distinguished service they provide to students and the College. 


Patricia Case, PhD

School of Liberal Arts

Patricia Case, PhD, has been a professor of sociology for approximately 20 years. At Excelsior since 2009, Dr. Case has developed and taught challenging and key courses in the School of Liberal Arts, including the Social Science Capstone; Social Science Research; Families, Delinquency and Crime; Religion and Society; and Contemporary Social Problems.

As a faculty member who is committed, dependable, and eager to offer assistance, she is characterized by her students as “an insightful teacher who cares about the subject and teaching.”

Her primary interest is the study of social behavior in the context of social class. Coming from a poor working-class background afforded her the opportunity to see firsthand how difficult it could be to acquire a higher education while also working full-time, being in the military, and/or raising a family. She was drawn to distance education because it provides an opportunity for higher education to students who might not otherwise ha