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Derek M. Doty

Associate in Applied Science
in Administration/Management Studies

Darryl K. Doty of Toney, Alabama, completed his Associate in Applied Science in Administrative/ Management Studies degree in February 2011. Darryl nominated his eldest son Derek because he provided him with valuable support and played a significant role in assisting him while he pursued his degree at Excelsior College.

Darryl has a demanding work schedule at the Department of Defense, supporting the U.S. military in current war efforts. According to Darryl's assessment, "My only chance of getting my college degree was going to be online classes and with help from the whole family."

Derek is a college student at ITT Tech in Nashville, Tennessee. He aided Darryl in providing essential tutoring, making himself available whenever needed. They spent many late nights or early morning hours studying or working on homework. Derek was able to help Darryl in his algebra class by correlating various assignments and theories to Darryl's career in logistics. When Darryl was taking his English composition course, Derek provided hours of reviewing research papers to check Darryl's format and to critique content.

Derek didn't stop there. He was also instrumental in assisting his bother Dominique's pursuit of his high school diploma. Dominique is autistic, and with Derek's help, he graduated from high school five months earlier than expected.

Darryl and Derek's time spent together working on their common goal provided bonding experiences they will share for years to come. Says Darryl, "Derek is an inspiration to me and our family. Taking 25 years from start to finish to complete my diploma, I now know the thing missing from my educational goal was my son's help and motivation!"

The Charles W. Laffin Jr.
Memorial Award

Joseph T. Sevcik

Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology

Joseph T. Sevcik of Newport News, Virginia, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering Technology from Excelsior College in February 2011 with a GPA of 4.0. A graduate of the esteemed Navy Nuclear Power School