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Have you ever thought about how alumni support of the Excelsior College Annual Campaign is important, not just to Excelsior students, but to our country?

Excelsior alumni all across the country – even the world - perform jobs in service to others, from nursing and the health care professions, to teaching, to a variety of careers in business. Just as the unique, high-quality degree you earned contributed to your career progression, today's students are continuing along that path. They may be military veterans preparing for a bachelor's degree in nursing or single parents pursuing Excelsior's newest program, the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree.

To accomplish their goals, many Excelsior students rely on alumni support. Your tax-deductible donation can accomplish much, from giving students a leg up, to meeting workforce needs through their contribution of talent and skills.

Will you join your fellow graduates by making a gift to the 2014-15 Annual Campaign?

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