Visionary Giving Opportunities

President Ebersole's Look at the Future

Excelsior’s mission calls for the College to provide access to higher education for individuals who have traditionally been underrepresented at colleges and universities. As we approach Excelsior’s 40th anniversary, we know that creating access is only part of the mission. We increasingly seek to engage our students and propel them toward their goals: academic credentials that change their lives and the society in which they live.

Working toward Access with Success drives our recognition of the landmark anniversary and energizes the entire College and its community of stakeholders. Access to Success frames our goals for the 40th anniversary celebration, infusing public recognition of what we have accomplished, what we have become and where we are going in the years ahead. The Access to Success initiatives create an opportunity for others to join with us in developing the programs and products that secure our graduates’ future.

Student Success Initiative

  • Student Financial Resources
  • Student Learning Resources
  • Student Collaboration and Community Resources
  • Alumni Services
  • Alumni Professional Development Resources
  • Outreach/Admissions Support Center
  • Student Access Technology

Excellence in Teaching & Learning Initiative

  • Faculty Effectiveness Institute
  • Research Laboratory for Faculty and Students
  • Emerging Workforce Needs

Learning Innovation Initiative

  • Learning R&D Projects
  • Fund for Innovation in Learning and Process Improvement
  • Valuation of Learning Projects
  • Media and Multimedia Equipment




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    Vice President for Institutional Advancement

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