Excelsior Grads on Video

You don't just want to take our word on what it's like at Excelsior College - you'll want to hear what our grads have to say. Hear them talk about transferring credits with us, what their education cost them and what they got out of it, what it was like working with our advisors/faculty/staff and learning online, how they were able to balance school with their lives, and much more.

Graduates Talk About the Excelsior College Experience

Recent graduates talk about their time spent at Excelsior College, including what it's like to study online, how faculty and fellow students created a supportive community, and how an education advanced them in their careers.

Experience Excelsior College

"From start to finish, Excelsior is with you..."


Excelsior College Experience

"You learn not just for a test; you learn for the sake of learning..."

Excelsior College Student Experience

"The online experience is simply outstanding."


Advice from Excelsior College Graduates

Get valuable advice from graduates - "You can do it!"

Excelsior College's Adult Learners

Support for adult learners - "They catered to my life situation..."


Excelsior College Transfer Students

Transferring credit - "I didn't miss a step, Excelsior helped me to transition..."


Excelsior College's Online Experience

Learn with online courses - "It's rigorous, but there is so much support..."


Balance Between Work, Life, and Education

Adult learners must balance family obligations, community service, work expectations, military commitments, and many other elements. Find out how these Excelsior grads successfully balanced a busy life with a meaningful education experience.

Excelsior College Graduate Carissa Westring

Carissa Westring, BS in Nursing


Excelsior College Graduate Norman Thompson

Norman Thompson, BS in Electronics Engineering Technology


Excelsior College Graduates Brian and Brandon Pervis

Brian and Brandon Pervis, MS in Nursing


Excelsior College Graduate Sandra Howard Pleasants

Sandra Howard Pleasants, BS in Liberal Arts

Show What You Know

Excelsior graduates talk about what it was like to earn credit for their degrees by taking exams.

Excelsior College's Testing Options

Learn About Testing Options


Excelsior College Graduate Chelsea Mansfield

Chelsea Mansfield, BS in Liberal Arts


Excelsior College Graduate Daysha Geleta

Daysha Geleta, BS in Liberal Arts


Inspiration for Career Advancement

Looking to advance your career, get a promotion, or change paths altogether? Find out how Excelsior helped these graduates succeed in their career aspirations.

Excelsior College Graduate Patricia Palmietto

Patricia Palmietto, AS in Nursing


Excelsior College Graduate Paul Tapia

Paul Tapia, BS in Liberal Arts


Excelsior College Graduate Doris Williams

Doris Williams, MS in Nursing


Excelsior College Graduate Chad Pezzano

Chad Pezzano, MA in Liberal Arts

Support for Military Servicemembers and Their Families

Excelsior College's Military Graduates


Military Friendly Programs

Whether you are career military or looking for a career to transition to when your service is complete, Excelsior can support your aspirations. Learn why we are one of the most military-friendly institutions out there.

Excelsior College Graduate Janette Yglecias

Janette Yglecias, BS in Nuclear Engineering Technology


Excelsior College Graduate Tony Lee

Tony Lee, MBA


Excelsior College Graduate Mike Santivasci

Mike Santivasci, BS in Liberal Arts


Be Part of a Worldwide, Online Community

Learning online makes you a member of a large, diverse community of people from different walks of life. Learn from the many perspectives of fellow online students and create lifelong relationships.

Excelsior College Graduate Megan Wilcox

Megan Wilcox, AS in Nursing


Excelsior College Graduate Stormey Gillens

Stormey Gillens, AS in Liberal Arts


Excelsior College Graduate Bonnie Skinner

Bonnie Skinner, MS in Nursing


Excelsior College Graduate Kevin Ivery

Kevin Ivery, BS in Liberal Arts

Crossing the Threshold: Excelsior Grads Celebrate Commencement

2012 Commencement

2012 Commencement: "Never stop learning!"


2011 Commencement

2011 Commencement: "I'm thrilled to be here!"


Support All the Time, Anytime

Excelsior's support system is available to you at all times. You can chat with advisors who can help you choose courses, or reach out to fellow students and faculty to ask questions, or learn about accommodations for students with disabilities.

Excelsior College Graduate Tom Chase

Tom Chase, MBA


Excelsior College Graduate Adrienne Mason

Adrienne Mason, BS in Business


Excelsior College Graduate Nancy Soon

Nancy Soon, BS in Liberal Arts


Excelsior College Graduate Valerie King

Valerie King, MBA

Excelsior College Graduate Alison Noone

Alison Noone, BS in Business