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Curious about how to use your knowledge and experience to forward your education? Interested in how to get started? Want to know more about what it's like to be a student at Excelsior? These videos can help you learn more about Excelsior College degrees and programs, courses, exams, student services, financial assistance, and more.

Why Excelsior is a Good Choice for You

Learn why you should choose Excelsior College.

‪Why Excelsior College?‬

Learn how Excelsior's flexible online learning options can help you study anywhere, at anytime.


Get started with a personalized admissions plan.

‪Get Started with a Personalized Admissions Plan‬

Excelsior Admissions staff are dedicated to giving you the personal attention necessary to develop an academic plan that works best for you.

Enroll with advisors that go the extra mile.

‪Advisors who Go the Extra Mile‬

Need advice about which degree to choose, or need to know more about exams or courses? Talk to our experienced advisors.


Earn credit for what you know.

‪Credit For What You Know‬

Your experience matters. Learn how you can earn transfer credit for your work experience, military training, or previous coursework.

Earn More Transfer Credit and Save Time and Money

Save money on your degree.

‪Saves Money on Your Degree‬

Through transfer credit, exams, and courses, you can design a degree that saves you time and money.


Earn credit with Excelsior exams.

‪Earn College Credits with Exams

Comprehensive and rigorous, exams can help you earn college credit in a wide variety of disciplines.

Partners in Your Success

Benefit from your company's partnership with Excelsior College.

‪Benefit from Your Company's Partnership with Excelsior College‬

Many organizations partner with Excelsior to bring their employees low-cost courses and learning options.


Benefit from your community college's partnership with Excelsior College.

‪Benefit from a Community College Partnership with Excelsior College‬

Excelsior partners with many community colleges across the country, collaborating on developing accessible and flexible learning options.

Resources to Help you Study and Share

Spotlight on Excelsior College"s Library.

‪Best Ways to Succeed: Excelsior College's Library Spotlight‬

You have a full-service library at your disposal as an Excelsior College student, including the expertise of a team of librarians who can help you find resources for your research or assignments.


Partnering for success with student services.

‪Partnering for Your Success: Student Services at Excelsior‬

We have a myriad of services to help you study, prepare for exams, discuss ideas with your instructor, and collaborate with fellow students.

Dedicated to Military Servicemembers

Support for military servicemembers.

‪Excelsior's Military Support: We've Got Your Back‬

From exploring all of your degree options to leveraging your military benefits, Excelsior provides support all along the way.


Support for veterans from Excelsior College.

‪Veteran Dedication at Excelsior College‬

Participate with fellow veterans, learn how to use benefits to further your education, and mentor others.