Students Are Our Success Story

Your experiences, your goals, and your aspirations define your unique story. Excelsior College is a community of unique individuals who all share one thing in common - the desire to learn and create more options for a better life. No one can describe what it's like to learn at Excelsior better than our own students and graduates.

Alfreda Adams


Tap Into Your True Potential

"If it weren't for Excelsior, I wouldn't know my true potential and just how far I could go. The online classes not only allowed me to study around my job and family, but taught me information that I could apply to real life."

Alfreda Adams
BS in Health Sciences

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Support for Your Military Service

Derrick Hall


Starting Over, Finishing First

Military assignments forced him to restart often in working toward his degree. Then a buddy told him about Excelsior; Derrick was able to put his training as management analyst, law enforcement specialist, and communication electronic technician, as well as past college credits, toward his bachelor's degree. Now he runs his own business in management consulting.

Derrick Hall
BS in Psychology

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Learning from Diversity

Air Force veteran, computer science consultant, IT Director for a radiology diagnostic facility, husband and father. Tom started at Excelsior by taking computer certification courses and went on to earn his BS in Computer Systems and MBA. Not only were online courses convenient for him, he says they were a great way to meet people from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

Tom Chase

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Tom Chase

What It's Like to be an Excelsior Student

"The online courses are extremely helpful; they're individual-focused. The enjoyable interaction with my professors, and classmates from diverse backgrounds, gave me a real-world vantage point. If you want to increase your chance in the current job market, and the last time you went to school was years ago, then you need to go back to school. Excelsior provided me with meaningful preparation for success in the future, and their flexibility fit my busy life perfectly."

Utaw Vines
BS in Liberal Arts
Certificate in Homeland Security
Currently Enrolled in Master's program

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Utaw Vines

Getting a Head Start by Transferring Credit

"Excelsior College was really great in converting my military training into credits, and I had almost 30 when I started my courses. If I started with fewer, it would have been even more of a challenge."

Angela Earle
AAS in Business Management

"I started my degree right out of high school 30 plus years ago. I was in college for two years, went into the workforce, and then was in the army for 22 years....Excelsior gives you the most bang for your buck and is probably the most military-friendly school out there, accepting most of your past college credits from a variety of places and for military training, also. I was an HR specialist for the Army and did some recruiting, All of that transferred into college credits at EC and a lot of other schools wouldn't accept those. They accept credits from a technical school I attended also....This is a milestone that I have accomplished and it feels good."

Lawrence Pleasants
BS in Liberal Arts

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Advance Your Career

Flexibility is Key

Adrienne Mason

"Without my degree from Excelsior, I wouldn't have the management position I now have. Excelsior made it easy: I transferred the majority of my credits and the flexibility allowed me to work whenever I wanted."

Adrienne Mason
BS in Business

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Greater Expectations

Mary Beth Bobik-Kadylak

"It's been a great experience. Within a month of finishing my program, I was working at a job that is so much better than I ever expected. Now I am the Director of Patient Education at the Schleroderma Foundation."

Mary Beth Bobick-Kadylak
BS in Business


Balance Life and Work

Tammy Plemmons

"Choosing the online format was better than being in a traditional classroom because of the level of support and you learn so much. Plus, being able to get your degree while continuing to work full-time and take care of your family is great."

Tammy Plemmons
AS/RN-BS/MS in Nursing