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Because we raise your expectations. Excelsior is committed to the adult learner. Our expert staff and faculty strive to develop and deliver innovative online education programs and to give you the personal attention to define your unique educational experience. We support your goals, whether it is to launch a new career, increase your income potential, expand your leadership opportunities, or enrich your life.

Credit for What You Know

As an adult learner, you bring your own unique experiences to your education: job and military training, occupational licensure and certifications, and prior college coursework. Getting credit for what you already know can save you time and money when completing your degree.

Transfer more credits

Credit for military training

Credit for nursing licenses


Partners Through It All

From application through graduation, you'll get the guidance you need to achieve your goals. Our student services are designed to help you reach beyond your expectations and our dedicated expert staff of counselors, advisors, and faculty provide welcome support at every step.

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It's Not Just What We Do
It's Who We Are

We're adult learners, too. Not only have we been an accredited adult education provider for decades, but many of us also take classes and earn degrees from Excelsior College. This means we understand your perspective firsthand, and use this unique shared experience to better serve you.

Historically serving adults


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Empowering You to Get
More Than An Education

You'll meet adult students from all over the world, learn about other cultures, and develop extraordinary, life-long friendships. Expert faculty who practice what they teach in their own professions pass on real-world techniques you can immediately bring into a clinic or boardroom. Current students and graduates are accessible throughout our social communities to answer questions and swap success stories.

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Serve others and connect
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* According to bachelor's graduates in our alumni outcomes survey 2012.

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