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American University of Science & Technology

The American University of Science & Technology and Excelsior Partnership offers you more.

If you're looking to build on your American University of Science & Technology education and earn a US bachelor's or master's degree, take a look at Excelsior College. Excelsior's educational partnership with American University of Science & Technology provides students like you with a clear path to a college degree. You may just be a few courses away from a dual degree.

Why is Excelsior the right choice for you?

  • We offer special benefits to graduates from partner institutions. Graduates and employees of partner institutions enjoy special tuition discounts at Excelsior, along with fee waivers, coordinated course sequences, articulation agreements, and other benefits.
  • We provide a rigorous education. Don't confuse us with our for-profit competitors. Excelsior is an accredited, nonprofit institution, with top-notch faculty and academic degrees that make a real difference in the job market. Our graduates compete on equal terms with graduates from traditional four-year schools.
  • We specialize in distance learning. A national leader for more than 40 years, Excelsior's innovative online learning model lets you take courses where and when it's convenient for you. Our credit by exam programs and online courses offer an affordable and flexible way to continue your education.
  • We accept more transfer credits than other colleges. Excelsior will accept up to 116 transfer credits from accredited institutions. We also grant credit for military service, professional training, credit by examination, and many types of real-world experience.

Excelsior College and American University of Science & Technology are partners in promoting student success. Make sure you let our admissions coordinator know you are with American University of Science & Technology.


About Excelsior College

99% of our grads found their Excelsior education relevant to their career
* According to associate graduates in our alumni outcomes survey, 2012


What you know is more important than where or how you learned it.®


Excelsior College provides educational opportunity to adult learners with an emphasis on those historically underrepresented in higher education. The College meets students where they are — academically and geographically, offering quality instruction and the assessment of learning.


Excelsior College aspires to be a model university for the 21st Century. Excelsior will:

  • be a provider of choice for those who pursue their educational goals in a flexible, individualized manner,
  • continue to serve as a cost-effective stimulus for lifelong learning and individual achievement, advocating the assessment of prior learning and aggregation of credit,
  • be recognized as an ideal academic collaborator and as a valuable partner in addressing societal and workforce needs.

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Programs & Academics

Excelsior College offers degrees in a wide range of disciplines.

With over 30 degree programs and certifications across five schools, plus two specialized learning centers, Excelsior College serves a wide range of educational needs.

School of Business and Technology ›

Excelsior offers more than 14 business and technology degrees, including business, accounting, nuclear technology, computer technology, and cybersecurity.

School of Liberal Arts ›

Excelsior offers multiple degrees in Liberal Arts. Our general Liberal Arts degree is your shortest, straightest path to a degree.

School of Public Service ›

We offer degrees in criminal justice and military studies designed to help leaders prepare for careers in criminal justice, government, not-for-profit management, public administration, and the military.

School of Nursing ›

A national leader in nursing education, Excelsior is recognized for excellence by the National League for Nursing, a preferred membership organization for nurse faculty and leaders and nurse educators.

School of Health Sciences ›

Bachelor’s degrees in health sciences equip Excelsior graduates to become leaders in a dynamic industry.

Whatever your academic goal may be, Excelsior offers the right program for you. We also offer many forms of support to help you succeed, including:

  • Admissions coordinators and academic advisors
  • MyExcelsior, an online community where students can interact with each other and with faculty
  • Free online writing labs and tutoring services
  • Excelsior College Library, which provides online access to thousands of books, articles, and other tools through our partnership with the Sheridan Libraries of the Johns Hopkins University.

When you apply to Excelsior College, our admissions team will complete a preliminary transfer credit assessment. Make sure you let our admissions coordinator know you are with American University of Science & Technology. See how your credits add up.


Credit Transfer Guidelines

Maximize the value of your previously earned credits.

Excelsior College's generous transfer policies give you a great head start on a college degree. If you're working toward or already have a degree from American University of Science & Technology, Excelsior will count all those credits toward a US bachelor's degree or help you pursue a Master's degree—and we'll also grant credit for:

  • Other coursework, including credits you may have earned years ago
  • Qualified professional and technical training programs
  • Many forms of professional experience, military service, or community service
  • Credit by examination

You can transfer up to 116 credits, or almost 90 percent of what you need for a college degree. Many of our transfer students only need to take a few Excelsior courses to graduate.

When you apply to Excelsior College, our admissions team will complete a preliminary transfer credit assessment. Be sure to let our admissions coordinator know you are with American University of Science & Technology.

After you're accepted, our academic counselors will help you use your transfer credits in the way that best suits your needs—and gets you to a degree as quickly as possible.

Financial Aid & Partner Tuition

American University of Science & Technology graduates and employees pay less tuition at Excelsior College.

Because we cater to working adults and nontraditional students, Excelsior College strives to make our programs affordable to everyone. That's especially true for students who come to us from partner institutions.

Excelsior's partnership with American University of Science & Technology entitles you to significant discounts on tuition and student fees.

All Excelsior students save money, thanks to our generous credit-transfer policies. We can accept up to 116 of your previously earned credits, so you'll take—and pay for—fewer Excelsior courses and credits as you complete your bachelor's degree. Many of our transfer students only need to take a handful of courses from Excelsior to graduate.

Excelsior's financial aid advisors will work with you to obtain all the forms of support you're eligible for, including grants, loans, scholarships, and GI Bill® tuition assistance. We also offer flexible payment plans and budgeting assistance to help keep your education affordable.

Under our 3+1 agreements, you may be able to get financial aid while concurrently attending Excelsior College and your community college. The program allows you to remain at your community college after completing your Associates Degree and take courses that count toward a bachelor's degree at Excelsior College. Ask if your community college participates.

Please review information on Federal Financial Aid Consortium Agreements on our Title IV Federal Student Financial Aid page under the Consortium Agreement tab.

Contact an Excelsior financial aid advisor today to find out how easily you can afford to continue and complete your education.

Special Partner Pricing

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The Application Process

When you are ready to apply to Excelsior College, here are the steps you'll take.

Step 1: Create a MyExcelsior account

Setting up your MyExcelsior account is easy! Answering a few quick questions, selecting your academic interest, and choosing a username and password is all it takes!

MyExcelsior gives you access to key resources, including admissions forms and an online course demonstration so that you can see what our courses are like—before you apply.

Create a MyExcelsior account

Step 2: Begin your Excelsior application

Start by answering a few quick questions on our admissions Web page. This leads you to the appropriate online application and admissions requirements for your preferred program.

Begin your application online

Step 3: Submit a financial aid form

Next, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Where requested, please include our school code: 014251.

Note: While Associate Degree in nursing students are not eligible for federal aid, we encourage applicants to complete a FAFSA to be considered for other financial aid options

Fill out your FAFSA

Step 4: Explore our Student Success Guide

Use our Student Online Success Guide to determine your learning style, get tips on time management, and prepare for success at Excelsior.

In the meantime, Excelsior's admissions team will review your application and documents. We'll upload our initial assessment of your transfer credits to your MyExcelsior account and notify you when it is available for viewing. This typically takes two or three weeks.

Learn how to succeed at Excelsior

Step 5: Enroll at Excelsior College

Once fully approved, you can enroll at Excelsior College and begin your coursework. After you receive your official evaluation, an academic advisor will give you course approval and help you develop a program plan.

Enroll Now