College of the American Soldier (CAS)

Enlisted Education Program (EEP)

CAS is a partnership of education and training between the Army and Excelsior College.

This voluntary program provides Soldiers in Combat Arms MOSs an opportunity to achieve an Associate degree during a Soldier's first term of enlistment. It will reinforce training and provide theoretical structure to a Soldier's experience while in the Army. The program allows for maximum award of college credits for completion of military schools and MOSs.

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College of the American Solider (CAS) Career NCO Program.

The Career NCO Degrees Program is a offered through the College of the American Soldier and the SOCAD Army Career Degree Program. The Career NCO Degrees Program expands existing civilian higher education degree choices to provide Career NCOs associate and bachelor's degree options not tied to enrollment in a MOS specialty degree. Selected from existing SOCAD degrees in business- and management-related disciplines, Career NCO Degrees are:

  • Accepted and supported by the American Council on Education (ACE).
  • Provide flexibility in degree completion time.
  • Maximize credit transfer between colleges.
  • Maximize college credit for military training and education.
  • Minimize academic residency requirements.
  • Include courses on-site at installations and through distance/online learning.

The program is open to all NCOs at any point in their career but maximum credit for Army leadership schools is based on completion of NCOES through Sergeants Major Course.

Excelsior College Degree Programs Selected for Career NCO Degrees Program

Business and management-related degrees are designated Career NCO Degrees. Excelsior College degree programs selected include:

  • Associate in Science in Business
  • Bachelor of Science in Business (Management of Human Resources)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business (General Business)

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