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Why Partner with Excelsior College?

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An Investment in Human Capital

We offer special benefits to students from partner institutions.

The Excelsior College corporate and association partnership program empowers your people to succeed. Partnering with Excelsior is one of the smartest investments in human capital you can ever make:

  • Increase quality employee recruitment and retention.
  • Optimize your current workforce.
  • Reduce tuition reimbursements and fees.
  • Add value to in-house training with acceptance toward college credit.
  • Increase productivity through flexible online course offerings and Credit by Exam.
  • Offer individual solutions through self-paced, affordable educational plans that fit the unique needs of your employees and members.
  • Provide educational opportunities regardless of employee location

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"I was extremely busy and knew Excelsior would work around my schedule, which would help me when I'm traveling for business. The credentials for my place of employment are based on a scale, and my Excelsior degree has helped me accelerate my career by about five years."

- Diane Hoke, AHCAP employee

"I chose Excelsior because it transferred my military education and experience to credit hours. I was able to take different style courses and especially liked the CD-ROM courses. The instructors were helpful and got back to me quickly with answers to my inquiries. Personally, it helped me feel better about myself and has given me more firepower when it comes to trying to get my kids to go to college."

- Mark Wykes, Booz Allen Hamilton employee

"I have nothing but good things to relay about my experiences with Excelsior. The coursework was thought-provoking and thorough, and there was excellent communication between the students and the staff."

"My BS in the Liberal Arts has given me the tools and confidence to pursue a Master of Arts degree at the University of Southern California."

- Ambrose S. Dawson, Defense Acquisition University member

"With Excelsior College I was able to work full time and get my RN license. Subsequently I became an RN in direct care and then case manager, making almost twice what I had been making as an LVN at the same facility."

- Delanie McElroy, National Latino Peace Officers member

"Excelsior was the only college that had an ABET nuclear program that was ea