Welcome Partners and Alliances

Welcome Partners and Affiliates

Since 1971 Excelsior College has made college degrees accessible to working adults. The College realizes the unique requirements for adult learners to advance educationally while maintaining employment, family, and social responsibilities.


Organizations realize the benefits of educated personnel to meet the needs of a changing economy, and students realize their individual goals without sacrificing work productivity and family obligations.

  • Increase quality employee recruitment and retention
  • Optimize the current workforce
  • Reduce tuition reimbursements and fees
  • Add value to in-house training with acceptance toward college credit
  • Maintain productivity through flexible online course offerings and Excelsior College® Examinations

Excelsior and its partners are creating a workforce not only with a capacity to grow academically, but with an ability to increase productivity and innovation.

Why partner with Excelsior College?


The courses, training, and certifications offered by select alliance organizations may be applied toward an Excelsior degree. Students and workers can take advantage of their knowledge and:

  • Earn a degree sooner with previously earned credits
  • Reduce tuition costs with fewer degree courses
  • Within term limits, study at their own convenience

Excelsior alliances are leading the way toward affordable and accessible continuing education.

Select Your Organization

Discover employee and member benefits; investigate partner-specific programs and access application forms.

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