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Advance your education and your career with Energy Providers Coalition for Education's educational partner, Excelsior College, an accredited, nonprofit institution.

A national leader in adult education for more than 40 years, Excelsior College offers innovative distance learning classes that are specifically designed for working adults.

Excelsior's programs enable professionals like you to broaden your abilities, master new skills, and increase your value to your organization.

Energy Providers Coalition for Education chose Excelsior as an educational partner because we understand the needs of adult learners who are balancing education with jobs, families, and other responsibilities. With our online learning model, you can take courses where and when they fit into your schedule. Excelsior offers discounted tuition for students from partner organizations, ensuring you an affordable education.

Excelsior has programs for a wide range of educational goals. You can:

  • Earn an associate or bachelor's degree, building on previous credits you may have earned at other institutions.
  • Get a graduate degree (including an MBA or nursing master's degree).
  • Develop specialized skills and leadership qualities through Excelsior's Center for Professional Development.
  • Obtain a professional certificate.

Whatever your objective, Excelsior has the right program or courses for you.

Excelsior College and Energy Providers Coalition for Education are partners in promoting student success. Put this partnership to work for you. Contact an Excelsior admissions coordinator to find out how Excelsior can move your education and your career forward. Be sure to tell our admissions team that you're with Energy Providers Coalition for Education.

Have an Associates Degree, already? You may be eligible for an additional reduction in undergraduate tuition if you are a graduate of one of our community college partners.

Community College and Academic Partners

Are you a US veteran or in active military service? You may be eligible for an additional reduction in undergraduate tuition if you are an active service member. We offer military benefits and preferential pricing.

Military Partnerships

Veteran Partnerships


About Excelsior College

99% of our grads found their Excelsior education relevant to their career
* According to associate graduates in our alumni outcomes survey, 2012


What you know is more important than where or how you learned it.®


Excelsior College provides educational opportunity to adult learners with an emphasis on those historically underrepresented in higher education. The College meets students where they are — academically and geographically, offering quality instruction and the assessment of learning.


Excelsior College aspires to be a model university for the 21st Century. Excelsior will:

  • be a provider of choice for those who pursue their educational goals in a flexible, individualized manner,
  • continue to serve as a cost-effective stimulus for lifelong learning and individual achievement, advocating the assessment of prior learning and aggregation of credit,
  • be recognized as an ideal academic collaborator and as a valuable partner in addressing societal and workforce needs.

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Programs & Academics

Excelsior College offers degrees in a wide range of disciplines.

With over 30 degree programs and certifications across five schools, plus two specialized learning centers, Excelsior College serves a wide range of educational needs.

In a new and expanded collaboration, Excelsior College and EPCE are coming together to put you on the leading edge of cyber defense!

Since 2006, Excelsior College and EPCE have brought you unique and flexible options for earning your energy degree online. Now, Excelsior College and EPCE, with the support of the National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College, have expanded their relationship to include a suite of cybersecurity program offerings. The Excelsior College/EPCE partnership now covers the following:

Cybersecurity Suite

  • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Operations
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity
  • BS in Information Technology, Cybersecurity Concentration
  • Master of Business Administration, Cybersecurity Management Concentration
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity
  • Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Management

Electrical Engineering Technology

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics Concentration
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology, Nanotechnology Concentration
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology, Power Systems Concentration

Nuclear Engineering Technology

  • Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology

While Excelsior's partnership with EPCE offers access to the same degree programs it always has, the utility industry demand shows that there needs to be increased awareness in the area of cybersecurity. The vulnerability of the US energy grid is at stake. Now more than ever, Cybersecurity is on everyone's mind from avoiding personal identity theft to preventing malicious attacks on your organization's network to protecting the country from cyber-terrorism.

Government, private industry, and educators are working together in public-private relationships to enhance homeland and cyber security. Excelsior College offers several online certificate and degree programs in Cybersecurity that prepare students for employment with companies and organizations that need cyber security professionals.

Students are able to access these online certificate and degree programs from the internet anywhere, 24x7. This flexible academic schedule allows you take courses at a time of day that works for your schedule allowing you to overcome barriers to achieving your personal, professional, and academic success.

This degree aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills about the technologies and techniques necessary to monitor, maintain, and protect technology networks as well as detect, analyze, and respond to cyber attacks Excelsior College, a national leader in adult education for more than 40 years, offers innovative distance learning classes that are specifically designed for working adults – especially adults in the utility industries.

Center for Professional Development ›

Excelsior’s online professional development courses and training programs help you acquire leadership skills and stay current with the latest workplace practices, trends, and technologies.

As an accredited, nonprofit institution, Excelsior is ready to match the right program to your academic goals. Contact an admissions coordinator to learn more — and be sure to mention that you are with Energy Providers Coalition for Education.

Credit Transfer Guidelines

If you're pursuing an academic degree from Excelsior College, our generous transfer policies give you a great head start. Your professional skills and training may give you credits so you don't need to take subjects you've already mastered on the job. We help you maximize your credit so that you can complete a degree faster.

In addition to awarding credit for work experience and skills, Excelsior offers transfer credits for:

  • Courses you completed at other accredited colleges or universities (even courses you took long ago may be eligible)
  • Qualified professional and technical training programs
  • Military service
  • Credit by examination

We also offer training courses for partners who have credit by assessment programs. Find out more about how you can convert your professional training into college credit.

See how your NJATC Training applies towards one of the Excelsior College Technology degrees in NANT (Nuclear) or GPiLearn (Power Plant Tech)

You may already be within a few credits of a bachelor's degree—and the professional rewards you'll gain, such as higher pay and stronger career opportunities.

You can enter Excelsior with up to 105 transfer credits, or almost 90 percent of what you need for a bachelor's degree. Many of our students only need to take a few Excelsior courses to graduate.

When you apply to Excelsior College, our admissions team will complete a preliminary transfer credit assessment. Be sure to mention that you're with Energy Providers Coalition for Education. After you're accepted, our academic counselors will help you leverage your transfer credits for the greatest benefit—and get you to a degree as quickly as possible.

View the INPO (Nuclear) for the Electrical Industry Course Classifications:

GPiLearn (Nuclear Power Plant) Training Program Guidelines (PDF)

INPO/NANT (Nuclear) Degree Program Guidelines (PDF)

Tuition & Financial Aid

Because we cater to working adults and nontraditional students, Excelsior College strives to make our programs affordable for everyone. That's especially true for Energy Providers Coalition for Education members.

Excelsior's educational partnership with Energy Providers Coalition for Education entitles you to significant discounts on tuition and student fees.

In addition, you may be eligible for federal and New York State loans, as well as grants, scholarships, GI Bill tuition assistance, and other forms of financial support. Excelsior's financial aid advisors will work with you to obtain all the forms of support for which you're eligible. We also offer flexible payment plans and budgeting assistance to help keep your education affordable.

Please note that the partnership benefits only applies to the Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology and the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology programs.

Contact an Excelsior financial aid advisor today to find out how easily you can afford to continue and complete your education.

View special partner pricing (PDF)

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The Application Process

When you are ready to apply to Excelsior College, here are the steps you'll take.

Step 1: Create a MyExcelsior account

Setting up your MyExcelsior account is easy! Answering a few quick questions, selecting your academic interest, and choosing a username and password is all it takes!

MyExcelsior gives you access to key resources, including admissions forms and an online course demonstration so that you can see what our courses are like—before you apply.

Create a MyExcelsior account

Step 2: Begin your Excelsior application

Start by answering a few quick questions on our admissions Web page. This leads you to the appropriate online application and admissions requirements for your preferred program.

Begin your application online

Step 3: Submit a financial aid form

Next, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Where requested, please include our school code: 014251.

Note: While Associate Degree in nursing students are not eligible for federal aid, we encourage applicants to complete a FAFSA to be considered for other financial aid options

Fill out your FAFSA

Step 4: Explore our Student Success Guide

Use our Student Online Success Guide to determine your learning style, get tips on time management, and prepare for success at Excelsior.

In the meantime, Excelsior's admissions team will review your application and documents. We'll upload our initial assessment of your transfer credits to your MyExcelsior account and notify you when it is available for viewing. This typically takes two or three weeks.

Learn how to succeed at Excelsior

Step 5: Enroll at Excelsior College

Once fully approved, you can enroll at Excelsior College and begin your coursework. After you receive your official evaluation, an academic advisor will give you course approval and help you develop a program plan.

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