The Student Online Success Guide is a tool available to all Excelsior College students as a one-stop resource center. Please use this guide to learn about online success strategies, including time management techniques, study strategies, and to discover how you learn best through a learning style assessment. Included are links to Excelsior College resources, the Information Literacy Tutorial, and a sample online Excelsior College course.

Use this guide to review Excelsior College's profile, history, and policies.

The Guide is designed to be self-paced; if a section does not apply, move on to the next portion. Best wishes to you in your academic studies.



Excelsior College has been dedicated to the success of adult learners with a proven history of providing adults with the tools they need to be successful in higher education.

The Student Online Success Guide focuses on the following:

  • Skills and characteristics of successful online learners
  • Features of online courses that make them different from other course formats
  • Self-evaluation for prospective online learners (including assessment of skills, learning styles, and expectations)
  • Motivation techniques
  • How to study independently
  • Study strategies and online learning tips
  • Review a sample online course
  • Online resources
  • Access to the Information Literacy tutorial
  • Testing strategies, tips and options
  • MyExcelsior Community resources:
    • Discussion groups
    • Book exchange
    • Study buddy finder
    • Student union