Many times, the difference between success and failure is found in motivation.

Motivated individuals tend to put aside obstacles and plan strategies that encourage successful studies. Of course, intelligence and a knowledge base are also helpful.

Motivational sources may include a job promotion or achieving personal/professional goals. Linking personal interest with a desire to learn is motivating and, when you begin to feel stressed, collaborating with your peers can be helpful. 

Take action to keep momentum going, especially in your studies—set your goals and reward yourself when you’ve completed a course or even each section of the class. To learn about motivation theory, go to the Motivation Theory Web page.

Use some of these motivational techniques:
Excelsior College’s MyExcelsior Community is an online community with discussion boards and a Study Buddy Finder for support. Use these areas to support one another.

Also, check out Excelsior College Web site’s “Let’s Celebrate” feature, which displays the names of students who have successfully passed an examination or course. You, too, deserve recognition so don't forget to submit your accomplishment to "Let's Celebrate."