Student Profiles

Who are our students?

Excelsior College’s students are highly-motivated adult learners who bring real-world experiences and a determination to help them advance through lifelong learning. More than 110,000 students have earned degrees from Excelsior College.

More than 26,000 persons enrolled among Excelsior College’s 34 degree and three certificate programs. We offer degrees at the associate, bachelor and master’s levels in business, liberal arts, nursing, and technology.

Predominantly working adults, their average age is 40 years-old, and 35 percent are from groups historically underrepresented in higher education. The College is physically located in Albany, NY, but 90 percent of enrolled students reside outside of New York State. Nearly 20 percent of all enrolled students are active duty or reserve military.

Business Student Testimonials

Zelda Buford
“Once I earned my degree, I was able to negotiate a 45 percent salary increase. The degree also raised standards for the position I now hold. And because Excelsior College is regionally accredited, I could enroll in a master's degree program.”

James Morow
“Excelsior College is an extremely important influence to me…they were, and continue to be visionary leaders in the area of distance learning.”

John Paschall
“During my association with the College, the faculty and staff were extremely helpful in meeting a wide variety of requests for assistance. I hold the College and its faculty and staff in extremely high regard for their help and support in (my) achievement…”

Liberal Arts Student Testimonials

Francis Nance
“Excelsior College changed my life from a dead-end street into a multi-lane highway. I am very proud to be an alumnus. The benefits I have gained are too numerous to list, but obtaining my degree is a moment I will cherish for a lifetime.”

Tom Ask
“After 17 years of working in industry, it was time for a change. This program revitalized my desire to learn and achieve more personally fulfilling rewards, and it helped me make the transition from engineering to teaching.”

Anthony Supalla
“The College pulled together credits from five colleges plus all my military schooling and experiences for the bachelor's. I was then able to go to grad school and earn a master's degree in environmental health… best investment I ever made.”

Nursing Student Testimonials

Tonirae Garcia-Hewes
“I've worked as an EMT and in other health-care related jobs. Now with my RN, I'm more in charge. I can help with pain assessment and management and help meet patients' needs. Now that I have my RN, I can do more.”

Kathy Harvey
“One of the best benefits of going through the nursing curriculum is that I have improved my patient care. I find that I have a better understanding of the needs of the people that I care for, and I have learned to communicate more effectively with patients.”

Arselia Klunder
“The College has been invaluable to me, as an adult learner, in achieving my academic goals. I would never have been able to achieve them without this program as I need to work full-time. I highly recommend the College to my colleagues going for their BSN degree.”

Technology Student Testimonials

Anthony Megie
“As a computer consultant I travel a lot, so it was convenient to earn a degree at-a-distance. My Academic Advisors were very helpful and pointed me to course options that would work best for me. This degree will allow me to teach computer software programming…”

Tracy Spadola
“The Excelsior program recognizes that learning can take place outside as well as inside a college classroom, and that people can gain knowledge from many sources.”

Summerlee Theodoro
“This degree has made my dreams come true, career-wise. After getting a degree, I got a 30 to 40 percent increase in earning power. I was also able to get into the Master's degree program (in MIS) in Tarleton State (Texas A&M).”