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My HealtheVet is VA's one-stop center for veterans, active duty servicemembers, their dependents, and caregivers by centralizing any military related documents on one website.

VA Mental Health Services


Contains mental health and resources for veterans and their families. 

Suicide Prevention Resource Center


Effective suicide prevention requires an understanding of the context in which suicide, suicide attempts, and suicidal ideation take place.

If you're struggling, there is help!

Although U.S. military personnel receive extensive pre-combat training, the experiences they face will have life-changing impacts. Unfortunately not all of these changes are positive and each service-member AND family member will be affected differently.

  • One in 10 veterans is disabled, oftentimes by injuries sustained in combat.
  • The number of disabled veterans is increasing; more than 20,000 veterans were wounded during service in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • About 70% of homeless veterans suffer from substance abuse problems.
  • 45% of homeless veterans suffer from mental illness including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • 19% of Iraq veterans report a mental health problem, and more than 11% of Afghanistan veterans.
  • The incidence of PTSD and suicide rates among veterans is climbing.
  • 62% of homeless veterans smoke or had smoked within the past year of a recent survey, compared with 21% of the general U.S. population.

Additional Resources

Give An Hour >


Veterans--and their families--may need help dealing with the effects of wartime service. Give An Hour can help heal and offer a variety of mental health services confidentially.

WarWithin >


The CSSP Primary Health Care and Behavioral Health Provider Directory is a network of primary and behavioral health care providers.

The Pathway Home >


The Pathway Program is a Residential Recovery program specifically created for, and dedicated to serve, our Nation's "New Warriors"—those of any age who have served our Nation's Global War on Terror.

The Brainline >


BrainLine is a national multimedia project offering information and resources about preventing, treating, and living with TBI.

Troops First Foundation >


Feherty's Troops First Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works to provide meaningful assistance to our service members who have suffered devastating injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Higher Ground >


Higher Ground Sun Valley (HG), enhances the quality of life through inclusive therapeutic recreation and education for people of all abilities.

All Treatment >


All Treatment is a substance abuse resource for education about drug and alcohol addiction and a comprehensive directory for obtaining treatment at a facility in your region.

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The Emotional Health of Student Veterans Test by the Jed Foundation equips college medical and mental health professionals with the knowledge and resources to support the emotional health of student veterans.

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Recognizing Trauma & Stress

As a student, faculty member, professional, support staff, or a person looking for information on PTSD, ASD, or TBI, here you will find the most current foundational information in one location along with easy to understand links and resources.

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