Lt. Col. Bryant A. Murray Veterans Center

College Education for Veterans

We offer you veteran-friendly options, supporting services, and a clear path for meeting your education goals.

Your success is our mission.

We wrote the book on helping Veterans succeed. Review the 4 B's of Veteran success at Excelsior:

1. Benefits

VA qualification, Veteran partnerships, and financial aid details.

2. Basics

Distance learning, disability services, and a sample course.

3. Become

Degree Pathways, Explore, Apply, Register for Courses

4. Beyond

Career Center, EC JobLinks, Center for Professional Development, Webinars

Join forces with Excelsior and move forward.

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"I am an independent learner, so Excelsior College was perfect for me. I chose it because of the flexibility, the convenience, and the ability to prioritize my own schedule. The exams were particularly valuable: it was great to be able to receive my grade instantly."