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You are about to create a MyExcelsior account. This is the first step in getting to know you. We will be asking you about your interest in adult education, about your prior service affiliation, ways to contact you, etc. We just want you to know this before you begin because the process is a bit more involved than simply entering a username and password.

Please note that this account creation process is for Veterans, former servicemembers who are no longer serving in the military. 

For Veterans, the benefits of creating a MyExcelsior account include being able to access the Veterans Center discussion board, our Veterans Mentorship program, as well as extra features on our Future Student dashboard. If you are not a Veteran, please create your account here.


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"I am an independent learner, so Excelsior College was perfect for me. I chose it because of the flexibility, the convenience, and the ability to prioritize my own schedule. The exams were particularly valuable: it was great to be able to receive my grade instantly."