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Financial Aid for Veterans

In the Basics section, we covered the basics of Financial Aid for Veterans. Earlier in the Benefits section, we highlighted each of the current VA benefits. Below, we present detailed information about how to initiate the process of getting your financial aid at Excelsior College.

More @ Excelsior College's Costs & Financing pages

Below are selected bits from our Costs & Financing section which contain information specific to Veterans. We invite you to visit the Costs & Financing pages for more great info.

From the Fees & Tuition page:

Veterans who are members of one of the veteran organizations that have partnered with Excelsior College, are eligible for veteran partnership reduced tuiton and fees. Visit the veteran partnership page.

Undergraduate Fees Excelsior Course Option Multi-Source Option Description
Admission Application Fee† $80 $80 Preliminary review of transcripts and training credits. Review includes projected outline of remaining degree requirements.
Enrollment Fee for Veterans and DoD Civilians $395 $740 Official evaluation of transfer credits, academic advisement, and academic program planning for the first year.
Certificate Program Application Fee $50 $50 Review and process of student files for certificate conferral upon completion.
Student Services Fee $440 $485‡ annually Library services, academic advising, evaluation of transfer credit, and academic program planning.
Graduation Fee*** $495 $495 Final review and processing of student records for degree conferral and issuance of diploma.
Course Credit Requirement Associate in Applied Science in Technical Studies or Associate in Applied Science in Administrative/Management Studies: Minimum of 6 Excelsior College course credits. None Minimum number of Excelsior College course credits.
Other Associate and Bachelor degrees: Minimum of 12 Excelsior College course credits. None
Tuition** for Veterans $390 $390 Per credit tuition cost for all undergraduate courses.

† Optional for Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard.

* Military servicemembers and their spouse/family members receive a $50 credit toward the enrollment fee if they enroll within 6 months of paying the admission application fee.

** An additional $20 non-matriculation fee is charged to non-enrolled students taking Excelsior College courses.

‡ The increased student service fee will be billed to those currently enrolled whose Service Expiration date is after July 1, 2012.

*** A $15 per credit discount reduces the graduation fee for each Excelsior College undergraduate course you take while enrolled.

From the Financial Aid page:

  Examination based degree programs (Associate in nursing) Undergraduate based degree programs Certificate Programs Graduate based degree programs
Private Loans
Military Tuition Assistance (TA)
Veterans Affairs Benefits
Military Vocational Rehabilitation
Federal Grants  
Federal Direct Stafford Loans
Federal PLUS Loans
Federal Grad PLUS Loans
NYS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
NYS Aid to Part-time Study (APTS)
* Students enrolled in the AS and AAS in nursing programs are eligible for APTS for their general education requirements only.
Please note, many of our certificate programs may qualify for Veterans Affairs benefits, please contact our VA Office for additional information at

On or about the mid-point of the term you are attending, your Federal financial aid awards (loans and grants) are credited to your student account and automatically deducted from your institutional charges such as tuition and fees. If the amount of financial aid awards exceeds your charges for the term, the bursar's office will refund a check for the credit balance unless you choose to keep the balance on your account. If you are entitled to a credit balance refund, you can expect a check in the mail approximately two weeks after your financial aid has been credited to your account. Please make sure that the address you have on file with the office of registration is accurate.

If you completely withdraw from all your courses and received Federal Student Aid, you are subject to having all or part of your financial aid returned to the appropriate financial aid programs. If you withdrew prior to 60% of the enrolled period elapsing, a pro-rated schedule determines how much Federal Student Aid funds were earned at the time of withdrawal. Please see the Excelsior College Student Policy Handbook (PDF) for complete refund procedures as outlined in the course withdrawal section.

From the Financial Aid TV: Playlists for Veterans page:

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