NCI Journal – Vol 1, No 2

Welcome to Volume 2 of the National Cybersecurity Institute Journal.

Since our last issue there has been a good deal of news related to cybersecurity with many notable cyber breaches. As always, the mission of NCI and our journal is to increase awareness and knowledge of the cybersecurity discipline to help others better understand and meet the escalating challenges in the cyber community. In this latest issue, you will find seven informative articles from notable authors with a variety of perspectives on the field.

In the first article, Dr. Matthew Flynn, a professor at the Marine Corps University, offers a review of recent essays in his offering “Is There a Cyber War?” Professors Martin Stytz and Sheila Banks propose using a data/situational awareness-based orientation for assessing tactical and strategic cyber offensive and defensive activities in their article. Dr. J. Todd McDonald and Dr. Lee Hively provide us with food for thought as they argue that holistic and collaborative efforts foster the best environment for advancing the field of cybersecurity. Thomas Anderson, Curtis Blais, Don Brutzman, and Scott McKenzie discuss the use of GINA to create a System of Systems in the cyber domain specifically to read and process data from the MMOWGLI bii game into a GIS analysis tool in near real-time. Shannon M. Wilkinson, working in collaboration with Christopher Hampton, discusses the evolving issue of protecting your reputation with their offering titled “The New Demands of Online Reputation Management.” Brian Lozada provides us with an article about cyber crime with his piece titled “The Risk of Cyber Crimes to the Critical National Infrastructure: A Threat Assessment.” And in our last article, Dr. Denise Pheils provides an interesting perspective to obtaining work experience in her article “Making the Community Project Approach Work in Your Community.”

We believe that these articles should educate our readers and provide them with information that they can apply to their own systems and organizations.

The security of a digital system is of great importance, and we work diligently to obtain and publish articles that our readers will find useful. A great many thanks go to all the contributors, administration, and staff for their efforts to bring this latest edition of the National Cybersecurity Institute Journal to our readers. I look forward to your comments, suggestions, and future submissions to the journal.

Dr. Jane A. LeClair
Editor in Chief

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