NCI Journal – Vol 1, No 3

Welcome to Volume 3 of the National Cybersecurity Institute Journal.

Welcome to the third issue of the National Cybersecurity Institute Journal (NCIJ). As the growing cybersecurity community is well aware, the mission of National Cybersecurity Institute is to broaden awareness and knowledge of the cybersecurity discipline and assist the government, industry, military, and academic sectors to better understand and meet the challenges in cybersecurity policy, technology, and education. In previous issues of this journal we provided timely and informative articles that were well-received by the cyber community. The NCIJ will continue to publish three times a year relevant and noteworthy articles that serve to enlighten those with a vested interest in the cybersecurity field.

In this issue, you will find articles from notable authors with a variety of perspectives in the field. Jane LeClair and Randy Sylvertooth review the Cyber Warfare Symposium held at the National Cybersecurity Institute, which examined a topic highly visible in recent headlines. This synopsis is followed by Kevin Newmeyer’s article on the elements of national cybersecurity strategy for developing nations. The cyber systems in developing nations are at great risk, and this piece takes a close look at some critical elements that should be considered when developing strategies for those countries. A.H. Kabir presents an interesting article on data-centric security that is sure to intrigue many of our readers.

Gerald Beuchelt, Cory Casanave, and Vijay Mehra provide an article that examines the advances in threat and risk modeling and provides some interesting insights. Roland Taylor provides us with a thought-provoking piece on the need for a paradigm shift in cybersecurity in the field of journalism. And finally, Sean Murphy offers his thoughts on the importance of cybersecurity in the health care field.

Each of these articles provides our readers with knowledgeable insight and, I hope, instills a desire for further thought and research on the topics discussed.

As always, a publication such as this is never the work of one individual, but rather the result of collaboration by dedicated people at NCI who work tirelessly to produce a quality product. Many thanks go to all the contributors, administration, and staff for their great efforts to continue the tradition of bringing the National Cybersecurity Institute Journal to our readers. I hope you in the cyber community find this journal informative as you work within your respective cyber areas. I look forward to your comments, suggestions, and future submissions to our journal.

Dr. Jane A. LeClair
Editor in Chief

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