NCI Journal – Vol 2, No 2

Welcome to the fifth issue of the National Cybersecurity Institute Journal.

This special edition of the journal focuses on the contribution of community colleges to cybersecurity and was produced with the cooperation of the National CyberWatch Center. This partnership allowed us to draw on the unique perspectives and resources that both organizations are well known for in the cyber community. As the cybersecurity community is fully aware, the mission at NCI is to increase awareness and knowledge of the cybersecurity discipline, and assist the government, industry, military, and academic sectors to better understand and meet challenges in cybersecurity policy, technology, and education. Much attention has been given lately to the role of community colleges in developing our cybersecurity workforce. This edition of the journal provides informative articles that relate to the development of our cyber workforce and are contributed by notable authors with a variety of perspectives.

The National Cybersecurity Institute is proud to publish relevant and noteworthy articles three times a year that will serve to enlighten those with a vested interest in the cybersecurity field. In this edition, Cheryl Calhoun and James Nichols provide an interesting review of the role of community colleges in developing the cybersecurity workforce. This is followed by an informative article on cybersecurity outreach for underrepresented minority students by Gonzalo Perez, John Monaco, Charles Tappert, and Li-Chiou Chen. Ronnie Saturno Jr. then offers his article Bridging the Gap: the role of America’s community colleges in the future of America’s cyber workforce. Portia Pusey, David Tobey, Diana Burley, Deanne Cranford-Wesley, and Jacob Frank present their article, Cybersecurity Competitions: Recommendations for Assessment, Evaluation and Research. This article is followed by one written by Jake Mihevc, Ronny Bull, Nick Merante, and Brandon Froberg in which they pro- vide a detailed look at the Central New York Hackathon from design through implementation in case study format. Finally, we conclude the journal with the second installment in the NCI Symposium series, Security in Cyberspace, by Jane LeClair and Matthew Flynn.

This brings you the latest information relating to cybersecurity and the workforce, with specific ways community colleges are addressing national needs and deficits in these areas. These articles will provide you, the reader, with knowledgeable insight to bring to the workplace, and instill in everyone you speak with a desire for further thought on how our cyber workforce is, and should be, developed. A publication such as this journal is never the work of one individual, but rather a collaboration of dedicated individuals at NCI whose hard work results in the quality product you have before you. Naturally my thanks go to all the contributors, administration, and staff for their extraordinary efforts in bringing the National Cybersecurity Institute Journal to you once again. In particular I would like to thank Diane Burley and Denise Pheils for their contributions in bringing this special edition of the journal to fruition. I hope that everyone in the cyber community will find this journal informative as you work within your respective cyber areas. As always, I look forward to your comments, suggestions, and future submissions to the NCI journal.

Dr. Jane A. LeClair
Editor in Chief

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