Assistant Dean Lends Support During In-Flight Medical Emergency

Stacy Farber, director of assessment and program evaluation, related this account of support provided by Patricia Cannistraci, DNS, RN, CNE, assistant dean of the RN-BS & MS Nursing Programs, on a recent flight.

image of Patti helping on flight
Dean Cannistraci helping during an in-flight medical emergency.

“Patti was on a return flight after vacationing with her husband when an announcement came over the system asking if there was anyone on board who could assist with a medical emergency.  Patti raised her hand – she was the only one to initially volunteer.  She provided her Excelsior College business card as evidence of her credentials. (20 minutes into the event, a surgeon said he could offer assistance but he didn’t have proof of his credentials. Patti was the doer and in charge the whole time.)

“Patti assessed the ill patient (a young woman), provided care, and was the information provider for the pilots and a rescue team on the ground.  A plane full of people and Patti was the only person who could help.  I think that makes her and all our nurses such heroes in the face of crises.”