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Jessica Cheverie
Jessica Cheverie, of San Diego, California, is a COVID-19 vaccinator at Maxim Healthcare in San Diego. Previously, she worked as part of the RN Prescription Refill Team for Scripps Health Care System in San Diego. Prior to that, she worked in the Labor and Delivery area of the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, serving the armed forces and their families. Cheverie recently volunteered at the Patient Health Library and Patient Virtual Resource Center at the Veterans Association at San Diego Healthcare System in La Jolla, California. She also volunteers her time working at the Third Avenue Charitable Organization, feeding the homeless and supplying them with toiletries and other necessities. She also co-hosts the Shift Report, a quarterly webinar series presented by Excelsior’s Office of Alumni Affairs, with fellow alumni Sandra Butterfield (BS ’86), that explores issues nurses and health care workers face in the workplace. Cheverie earned her licensed vocational nursing degree from Maric College in Vista, California, in 1999, associate degree in nursing from Excelsior College in 2002, certification in case management from the University of California San Diego in 2014, a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Excelsior in 2017, and a master’s in nursing informatics with Excelsior in 2020. In 2017, she was the recipient of the Excelsior College Alumni Service Award.