Business and Technology Students Inducted into Honor Societies

On July 13, 2017, the day before Commencement, students and recent graduates from the School of Business & Technology were inducted into one of three business and technology honor societies: Alpha Nu Sigma, Sigma Beta Delta, and Upsilon Pi Epsilon. Honorees and their friends and families sat together in the lecture hall at The Desmond Hotel in Albany, New York, before making their way to the front of the room to be honored.

Associate Dean of Business Scott Dolan noted the entire Commencement weekend was about celebrating the accomplishments, sacrifices, and dedication that it took for students to get to that point. “That’s what gives us our energy and our passion,” he said. Dolan pointed out that the students in that lecture hall had showcased such passion, going above and beyond the average student, and so deserved to be honored.

Associate Dean of Technology Michael Johnson began the inductions starting with Alpha Nu Sigma National Honor Society. He explained the society was established to recognize high scholarship, integrity, and achievement among degree-seeking nuclear engineering students. Two graduates who were present were inducted into the honor society and new members not present were also recognized. Inductee Joanna Lew was also recognized as the recipient of the Dr. Robert L. Long Award, which she received later that evening at the Awards Convocation.

Alpha Nu Sigma

Next, Faculty Program Directory for Logistics and Operations Management John Coy invited graduates to the front to be inducted into Sigma Beta Delta, the honor society established to recognize students who have attained superior records in business programs. Sigma Beta Delta’s first chapter was initiated in 1994 at Belmont University, and the society had more than 70,000 members by March 2012. Honorary candidates Scott Dolan and instructors Dawn Wright and Martin Patrick were inducted first, followed by 2017 inductees.

Sigma Beta Delta

Faculty Program Director for Information Technology Kuang-Yuan Huang and Dean Lifang Shih oversaw the induction ceremony for Upsilon Pi Epsilon, which recognizes outstanding academic excellence by undergraduate and graduate students in computing and information disciplines. The society was first organized in 1967 at Texas A&M, but chapters can now be found throughout the world. The Association for Computing Machinery and the IEEE Computer Society have also endorsed Upsilon Pi Epsilon.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon

Shih closed the ceremonies by sharing three tips in going forward in life: be the role model, be grateful, and be passionate. She added that being inducted into an honor society is more than just something to add to one’s resume. “I think it means you are the leaders. You are the best among your peers. You are the best of our school,” she told the new inductees. “The induction is just the beginning. You are about to begin another page of your exciting life.”

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