Celebrating Wins – Big or Small

Some people hear the word celebrate and automatically think of going to cousin Susie’s wedding or Uncle Stan’s 80th birthday party.  But in the Success Center celebrating is all about acknowledging students’ strengths and wins.  For example, a student registers for courses after time spent on the sidelines – this is a BIG DEAL! CELEBRATE!  As coaches we recognize taking the first step to starting courses can be the hardest part.

Why is it important to celebrate the big and small wins? It may be that little thing that keeps you going when you forget why you are getting your degree in the first place.  Celebrating leads to positivity, motivation, hard work, and can help you reach your ultimate goal.

What does celebrating look like? This could look different for every student.  For some that may mean watching 30 minutes of their favorite Netflix show and for others it may mean treating themselves to their favorite dessert.  What does celebrating look like for you?

We encourage you to take a step back and recognize the wins you have already accomplished. Give yourself a pat on the back and continue to celebrate each win, big or small.

Your Success Coaches,

Kelli & Hannah

Let's Celebrate