Commencement Stories: Carol McKenzie, Jamaica native, earns dual degree in health sciences and business

Carol McKenzie is a 2016 Excelsior Dual Degree Graduate who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in health care management in addition to her Master of Science in business administration (MBA). Born in Jamaica, McKenzie moved to the States in 1983 and is now settled in Queens, New York with her husband, college-aged son, and her cat. When she finished high school, McKenzie joined the U.S. Air Force, where she first heard about Excelsior College, and served eight years while also training in the military medical lab. McKenzie planned on completing a four year degree after the military but faced many challenges with completion at traditional schools. She was able to start her journey with Excelsior College after they accepted all of her course credits from her previously-attended schools over the years. McKenzie sat down with Excelsior Life to discuss her educational journey.

Excelsior Life: What does having this degree mean to you?

Mckenzie: I feel more confident. I no longer think my resume will be overlooked by employers.

Excelsior Life: Did you face any academic challenges along the way?

Mckenzie: I would say that math was my challenge area but it was just a matter of applying yourself.

Excelsior Life: Did you have a support system?
Friends and family were always there but mostly I pushed myself knowing that I didn’t want to find myself in the work force without a higher degree and Excelsior was able to provide that opportunity for me.

L-R: McKenzie’s cat; McKenzie & son; McKenzie & husband

Excelsior Life: How was your educational experience at Excelsior College?

Mckenzie: It really worked for me. The advisors were great, if I emailed them there was always a follow up with assistance right away.

McKenzie will be attending this year’s Commencement along with her family members.

On July 8, hundreds of graduates from across the world will convene in Albany, New York for Excelsior College’s 2016 Commencement, to be held at the Empire State Plaza in downtown Albany, New YorkCommencement Stories” explores the stories of a few of this year’s notable graduates.