Cybersecurity Threats in Healthcare Webinar

See webinar in full screen On August 18, 2014, the National Cybersecurity Institute hosted a webinar on the “Cybersecurity Threats in Healthcare.”

The webinar addressed the challenges in healthcare cyber security especially after the healthcare industry has moved from paper-based records to more digital information transferred electronically; the fact that increased the risk of unauthorized disclosure of protected health information. During the webinar, Murphy pointed out to the importance of having healthcare cyber security professionals who are savvy to compensating controls and alternative measures to mitigate cyber security risk when it comes to managing the varied inventory of networked computers within the healthcare organization.

The webinar extended on a book chapter (chapter 3) in “Protecting Our Future” that was authored by Sean Murphy. The webinar was presented by Mr. Sean Murphy who is the Vice President at Leidos Health Solutions Group and serves as the organization’s Health Information Privacy and Security Officer. He is a health care information security expert, with nearly 20 years of experience in the field serving at all levels of health care from the hospital to an international integrated delivery system. Sean is also a fellow at the National Cybersecurity Institute.