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As we discussed yesterday, job searches can be challenging if you do not have guidance or the resources that you need to succeed. EC JobLinks is the right tool for you whether you are just exploring opportunities or actively searching for jobs or a career change.

career_tues_1In a competitive job market, you rarely get a second chance to make a first impression. Your cover letter and resume are essential documents that give employers a perspective of who you are and how you may fit into their organization. Does your resume have what it takes to impress a recruiter within ten seconds or less? Are you making the most of the opportunity to demonstrate your skill set and prove that you are the best candidate?

Leveraging your documents within your job search plays a key role in the type of employers you may be attracting. Choose from a number of customizable templates to create multiple documents within your account. Develop and save each version, as you have the ability to change the look and feel with the click of a button. Take advantage of the enhanced resume and cover letter building tool within EC JobLinks to create documents that employers will notice!

career_tues_2Once complete, you can add your documents to a centralized electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) to provide examples of skills and achievements within your EC JobLinks account, all at no additional cost.  e-Portfolios are becoming the standard for displaying your academic and professional achievements online.  You will have the ability to share your personalized e-portfolio through a uniquely generated, secure external URL. Please ask us about the innovative QR code generator.



Are you nervous about your next job interview? Tune in Wednesday for insight on EC JobLinks mock interview feature and how it can benefit you!

Maribeth GunnerMaribeth Gunner
Director of Career Services




Peter Del MonicoPeter Del Monico
Career Services Coordinator

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