Find Scholarships in the Lt Col Bryant A. Murray Veterans Center

Judy Reed, Director of Veteran Services and Outreach
Judy Reed, Director of Veteran Services and Outreach

The Center for Military Education would like to acquaint students with the Lt Col Bryant A. Murray Veterans Center and the resources located there.  This month we are highlighting the scholarship area.

The scholarship area is located under the Funding tab and holds a list of scholarships available to military, veterans and their families.  These are tied to military and veteran organizations as well as private organizations wishing to provide educational scholarships in appreciation of military service.

Scholarships do not have to be paid back and help military members in buying books which are not included as part of their tuition assistance.  Scholarships also are available for veterans which can be helpful as there are veterans who may not have full VA education benefits or any VA benefits at all.  Many scholarships are available for the children of military members and veterans as well.

Often, to qualify for a scholarship, an application would need to be completed and occasionally an essay may be required.

If you are a military or veteran student who could use additional assistance with your education, please share this information.

To view the list of scholarships go to:

The scholarship area is continually being updated and new scholarships are added.   If you are aware of a scholarship for the military community and it is not in the list, please contact the Veterans Center Director, Carolyn Adamczyk at to have it included.