Finish the Term Strong

Everyone who is currently taking a course or studying for an exam: We have made it to week 7! Give yourselves a pat on the back.  As we make our way into the holiday season, managing school can become harder and harder.  I’m sure some of you are feeling like you’re at your wits’ end.  Here are some tips for a strong finish to your courses and final exam preparation:

  • Do not get lazy! It is easy to slip up in the last couple of weeks, but find the motivation to retain the quality of work you submitted in the beginning of the term until the last week. It will make a difference and you might surprise yourself with the amount of willpower that you actually have.
  • Remember why you started this in the first place.  What was your initial goal in taking this course or studying for this exam? Did you learn something new? How much closer does it get you to your overall goal?

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  • Slacking off in the final weeks can become a habit and sometimes may carry more weight than you expect. Making that final push to get a 90% over an 80% will get you the grade you desire.
  • REWARD YOURSELF. What do you have to look forward to once this course or exam is all wrapped up? Whether or not you achieve the outcome you wanted, you still should reward yourself because you put in the hard work to make it to the end.
  • Have someone keep you accountable if possible. Support always makes a difference and sometimes we just need that extra kick in the butt. By letting someone know you’re working on the final weeks of a course or studying for an exam, they may give you that extra push you need.

Remember, you are almost done! Keep your momentum up and keep pushing through.  These last couple of weeks may seem challenging but it will be worth every effort.  I always like to say, short term pain for long term gain.

Take care,

Savannah White, Student Success Coach
Savannah White, Student Success Coach