The Future of Continuing Education

This article was originally seen on evoLLLution and written by John Ebersole.

There are significant opportunities for continuing education to serve adults looking to invest in their own personal and professional development as the labor market becomes increasingly competitive and knowledge-based.

Three macro forces are coming together to keep the need for continuing education before us for the foreseeable future. These are:

1. Global competition;

2. An accelerating pace of change; and

3. A decline in the period of knowledge relevance, especially in areas of technology.

To consider these individually, we only need to look at the morning news to see how integrated the world’s economy has become. With this have come competitive pressures to attract and retain new customers for goods and services. Those able to provide greater quality at less cost, while satisfying overall demand, are the likely “winners,” in terms of market dominance, and in an individual worker’s job security.

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