Importance of Routine

When I find a successful student, someone who is adequately managing school with a full plate, I always have to ask “How do you do it, what is your recipe for success?” I am typically greeted with an answer of “Well, I just do it – I don’t have a choice.”

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The misconception here is that we do have a choice.  Everyday our students are prioritizing work, school, family, health, and finances.  These are just a few commitments we tend to manage daily and we all have a choice on which of those commitments come first.  Now, going back to the ideal student, someone who is extremely effective in managing their courses/exams while balancing work, family and their personal time must be doing something different.  This difference is a sustainable routine.  I want to emphasize the word sustainable.  There are many routines we may have that will only last a week or two.  For example, staying up until 4 am every night to complete school work is not sustainable.  A routine like that hinders your health and performance throughout the day and will create many more obstacles down the road.

I ask you to look at your routine.  Is it sustainable? If not, what sort of changes can you make to give yourself a better balance of juggling commitments?  Students who incorporate school into their routine are better equipped to meet deadlines, retain more of the material, and feel less overwhelmed as they progress through the term.  If you have a routine that works for you, share it below as it may be valuable to others and will reinforce to you the important factors that make your routine sustainable.

Savannah White, Student Success Coach
Savannah White, Student Success Coach