Interview with Tasha Phelps

In December 2015 and as part of the NCI’s IWICS, Dr. Jane LeClair hosted Tasha Phelps. Tasha is nothing short of a seasoned professional in the IT industry. She has over 20 years of professional and academic experience writing, developing and implementing technical solutions for businesses, and governmental agencies.  In her 19-year old company, Phelco Technologies, she has been fortunate in serving clients nation-wide, with the support of a team of application developers, graphic designers and project managers.  Her strengths exist in being able to understand (and apply) technical security functions for clients.  Tasha is able to communicate, very well, to the C-suite of decision makers, by helping them understand the impact of making decisions about technology.  She says that the credit of the success in her business should be given to her staff because they are committed to achieving results, rather than just crossing a task off the list.  Moving forward, she looks to be of significant thought to government agencies as they consider employing stronger technical defense tools to secure information.