Recap of Leadership Speaker Series: Combating Cyber Crime and Protecting National Security

Recap of Leadership Speaker Series
Presented by Excelsior College:
Combating Cyber Crime and Protecting National Security

May 26, 2016


Cybersecurity experts, Mark Sullivan former director of the U.S. Secret Service and Gregory Scovel, former director of NCIS, discussed the ongoing battle against cyber threats to national security and the efforts involved in defeating criminal and terrorist attacks on American computer networks.

Presenters stated that continuous training and academic preparation is very important for national security. Our perimeter defenses are constantly changing as new foes find ways to Combating Cyber Crime and Protection National Securityour penetrate systems. According to our speakers cybersecurity industry is looking for diverse population with diverse backgrounds – people of color, women, scientists, psychologists, linguists, etc. to enter the field. These new perspectives and backgrounds will help us stay ahead of the enemy.

Both speakers emphasized that strong writing skills and ethics are very important in this field. The next generation may be very capable of manipulating the cyber arena and it is our duty to remind everyone of the ethical responsibilities of doing so. We also need to bear in mind that what we post online can affect our employment opportunities.

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