New Course Premiering October 2016 – PSY 364: Industrial Organizational Psychology

PSY 364: I/O Psychology           Who should take this class?  Anyone who has a job.

What the heck is it?

Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology) is the study of psychology in the workplace.


What do you learn?

How to: Recruit and keep the right employees. Increase motivation and performance. Improve morale. Create and perform effective evaluations.

What’s in it for the learner?

Discuss leadership and stress management. Talk about work-life balance.  Take everything you learn back to your job immediately.



Student comments on what they learned in an organizational psychology course…
“I took everything I learned back to my job.”

“I really feel like I learned a lot about the psychology of the workplace from this course.” “I was really in the dark about what I/O Psychologists do, but after taking the course I really think they benefit the workforce.”
“Students should know that it is definitely a class to take and learn a lot from; things like team building and leadership you can bring to any future career.” “All students should know this is information that affects every job they will ever have.“
“I really enjoyed learning about the hiring process, and how psychology has played a part in improving the hiring process so that the right employee is hired and retained.” “I can appreciate the anonymous surveys that my employment presents annually, which I once thought was an annoyance, but better understand why it is being done.”
“I never anticipated how the psychological aspects of an organization can affect employees, the positive and negative aspects that can help or keep organizations from flourishing.” “I found out that I/O psychology does not only deal with employees’ behaviors and perceptions but also involves performance improvement and productivity.”
“Ultimately, this course has made me view I/O psychology as a more legitimate study. It has to do with making work and careers better for people, which is where so many of us spend so much of our time, which make I/O psychology a valuable field.” “I would tell the students starting the course next to get ready to learn a lot of valuable information that can be used in any organization not just in health care. The most valuable part of the course was about motivation. As an RN there always someone that you need to motivate to help complete all the tasks that need to get done.”

You can find more information on PSY 364 through the Course Search on our website.  Speak to your advisor to see if it will fit with your degree plan.

Amber O'Neil, Faculty Program Director, Psychology
Amber O’Neil,
Faculty Program Director,