New Course Premiering October 2016 – SOC 247: Sports in American Society

SOC 247 is a new course that examines Sport as an institution affecting and reflecting virtually all aspects of American society. Sport has existed since the dawn of civilization, and in America, sports have become a cornerstone of society’s functioning, whether at the local or national level. This new course, which requires no textbook purchase, examines the institution of sport from social science perspectives, including historical, political, economic and sociological viewpoints. Among many current subjects, students will examine the way that sport: reveals and demonstrates intense power and identity struggles in society; values and compensates athletes, sporting organizations and the institutions they inhabit; and the social significance of sports to those who participate and those who watch. Although SOC*247 is entitled “Sports in American Society,” this course will also analyze American sports within a global context.

You can find more information on SOC 247 through the Course Search on our website. Speak to your advisor to see if it will fit with your degree plan.

American baseball player Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier in baseball and signs a professional contract with the minor league Montreal Royals, October 24, 1945. Robinson would later be brought up to the majors, signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Source: 115_2823963