New Courses Added to History Curriculum

By Mary Berkery,
Faculty Program Director

In the past year the history curriculum has expanded significantly with the addition of five new courses, HIS 354 Transatlantic Slave Trade, HIS 315 Global Popular Culture Since 1945, HIS 220 Introduction to Public History, and HIS 285/ENG 285 Witches: A Literary and Cultural History. In addition, the History Capstone, LA 498 HIS, has been completely revised to align with new history program outcomes, adapted from the American Historical Association’s Tuning Project, which emphasizes research and writing skills, methodology, and critical thinking as outcomes for all students graduating with a BA/BS in History. The requirements for the history major have also shifted to place a greater emphasis on upper-level courses in non-western and global history.

As for upcoming changes for 2015-2016, HIS 342 Contemporary Middle East History is currently being revised to include new material on ISIS and Arab Spring and two popular upper-level U.S. History courses (HIS 335 US Civil War and HIS 325 African American History) will likewise soon undergo revisions to update their content. The two introductory level U.S. History survey courses, HIS 101 US History I and HIS 102 US History II, are currently under revision to shift to open educational resources and eliminate the burden of any textbook purchases for students. Finally, a new course coming in 2016, HIS 350 World War I, is currently being developed to include historical games and simulations.