Overcome Challenges with Positive Self Talk

As I got into work I received a message from one of my coworkers.  It was about something that I didn’t even know I needed, but it made my day: positive self talk.

Positive self talk takes some getting used to, but it has so many helpful rewards. According to Examined Existence, positive self talk helps by building confidence, introducing optimism, reducing stress, supporting good health, and improving performance.

We as human beings undergo so many trials and tribulations that it may be easier for us to reflect on when when we haven’t been successful, but instead let’s reflect on how far we have come and how much more we can achieve. Today start connecting with yourself by saying:

  • I can do this!
  • I am great!
  • I am awesome!
  • I was created for a purpose! – love this one
  • I am going to have a great day, because I can control my perspective on life!

I challenge you to start with one saying, one thing that you know is true and positive about you and say it to yourself! Mine for today is, You are impeccable!

Your turn……Leave your statements below…..

Raven Short, Student Success Coach