Planning Ahead- A smart gift for you!

During a past conversation with a student, he mentioned that his key to success was planning ahead. Those are two words that I, as a Success Coach, love hearing. Why those two words?

Back in September, Hurricane Matthew hit our east coast. Prior to the hurricane I had a meeting with a student and I asked how he was preparing for the storm. He went on to say that he has been through storms like this before and had a preparedness checklist embedded into his mind. The key to his success! He knew what to do and felt confident. Excellent!

Once I knew he was prepared for the storm (shelter, food, family, etc…) I asked what his plan was for completing coursework, especially if he was going to be losing power and would not have internet access. Ah, a monkey wrench!

Right away he went down his coursework planner to see what was due and when. He admitted this was one thing he did not plan on ahead of time. After brainstorming a bit, he took action and contacted his instructors and completed as much proactive work as he could.

I spoke with this student after the hurricane had passed to make sure he and his family were safe. This student was thankful he thought ahead and took the actions he did for his coursework. If not, he would have set himself up for failure.

With the holidays upon us, now is a perfect time to make sure you are all set for the upcoming term. Set yourself up for success and schedule your to-do’s ahead of time.  Do not leave things until the last minute. It is always the best idea to start the spring term on the right foot.

Taking a few minutes out of your day to plan ahead will gain you more time in the long run.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a healthy 2017!