Recognizing National Military Appreciation Month

At Excelsior College, approximately 30 percent of students are active-duty or reserve military personnel. In recognition of National Military Appreciation Month, Excelsior Life celebrates current students and graduates who have served and continue to serve our country. Let’s meet Robbie Robinson, an Excelsior graduate with a “Can Do Attitude”.

Excelsior Degree: BS Liberal Arts, 2009

Robbie’s story:


Robbie started college at Boise State, Idaho and then entered the Army where he made a career for 33 years.  He served 18 months in Vietnam and was a trainer.

Upon retirement, Robbie opened up a photography store in Boise, aptly named Can Do Photography. He decided to continue his education for personal satisfaction after his Army buddies at Ft Drum recommended Excelsior.

Working toward his degree, Robbie used his credits from Boise State and from Army training. He studied between 2:30 and 5:30 in the morning so he could tend to his photography business.

Robbie recalls, “I pursued my degree to increase my personal potential and to show that learning is possible with dyslexia. With dyslexia, I learn better online than in a classroom setting. There is less distraction and I can concentrate on hearing the lesson and assignments. Through special software, the written word is translated to sound and I can dictate my homework and reports.”

Currently Robbie works at Ft Drum, NY as Intern Staff Photographer.