Spring Term – Reapply for your disability accommodations now

We know it is a busy time of year. Shopping, parties, planning, baking, etc. are all taking a toll on your schedule – not to mention that you just completed the Fall II term!  But did you remember to reapply for your disability accommodations for the Spring I term which starts January 2, 2017?

If you received disability accommodations last term, those accommodations will not automatically be made available to you on January 2. All students are required to notify Disability Services that they are requesting accommodations on a term by term basis. You can do this as soon as you are registered for your next course.

So what do you do?  A few weeks prior to the start of each term go to  www.excelsior.edu/disability_services and look to the left hand navigation column.  Click on Request an Accommodation and login. Complete the form as directed. Review and submit. Your request goes to the Disability Services work queue and we will process your accommodation request for the coming term. If you have already received accommodations last term, there is no need to resubmit any additional documentation.

Reapply now so that your accommodations will be ready for you at the start of the new term.  Happy holidays!