Nuclear Cybersecurity: Supply Chain Management Webinar

See webinar in full screenOn August 22, 2014, the National Cybersecurity Institute hosted a webinar on “Nuclear Cybersecurity: Supply Chain Management”.
The webinar addressed the following issues:

  • Supply Chain Management Program
  • NEI 08-09 App. E11 System and Services Acquisition
  • System Development Life Cycle Management
  • Breach Example of Non Conforming Cyber Security Standard
  • Cyber Security Procurement Standard
  • Current Design Modifications: Cyber Security Augmentation
  • Industry Guidance (NIST)

The webinar was presented by Scott Crider who is currently an Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton. Mr. Crider is an experienced Cyber Security Professional with 15+ years of professional experience, with most recent comprehensive experiences within the Nuclear and Bulk Power Utilities, Clinical Information Systems, and Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Industries. As an Associate, Mr. Crider drives out new Business Development opportunities, serves as a Program Manager, and is a Nuclear and Bulk Power Utility Cyber Security expert with focused understanding of utility cyber security and critical infrastructure.