The TLT Group – Teaching, Learning, and Technology

The TLT Group is a not-for-profit that helps college and university educators take advantage of changing technology so they can improve teaching and learning.

Newer, better, faster technology doesn’t automatically lead to better learning and teaching. That’s why the TLT Group believes in approaching technology “people first.” The TLT Group helps colleges and universities use and adapt to technology in ways that support teaching and learning, value the time and experience of staff and faculty and make the most of tight budgets and resources.

As a non-profit, the TLT Group looks to enable collaboration, support, mutual understanding and communication among key stakeholders in an institution, and use evidence to make better decisions.

**Excelsior College is an institutional member of the TLT Group. Each Institutional Subscription entitles everyone at Excelsior to free TLT Members Only events, free seats to most online institute workshops, discount rates for other online workshops, FastPass for FridayLive! and access to FridayLive! archives.

The TLT Group’s weekly Free FridayLive! webcasts enable a large number of colleagues to gain knowledge and understanding of a given topic at the same time and from the same source. Each webcast gives the viewer the opportunity to further develop his or her skill sets in areas deemed appropriate.

The Teaching Learning Technology Group consistently recruits top-rated presenters who are experts in their fields. Because the webcasts are free-of-charge, they are accessible—as a service of the TLT Group—to virtually everyone.

TLT-SWG is a forum for discussing improving teaching and learning by using available (changing) technology without sacrificing what matters.

FridayLive! is a free, interactive, online discussion airing at 2:00pm EST every Friday.