Webinar: Cybersecurity and Healthcare

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On July 13, 2015, the National Cybersecurity Institute (NCI) hosted a webinar entitled “Cybersecurity and Healthcare”.

With the numerous data breaches in health care over the last several years, it almost appears that a patient having any expectation of privacy and security of their information is unreasonable. In 2015 alone, tens of millions of personal healthcare records have been hacked into by adversarial nation states and organized crime. Almost daily the headlines document a new cyberattack that is sophisticated and directly targeted at healthcare. Add to these more traditional cybersecurity incidents, the numerous workforce (user) mistakes like losing laptops, backup tapes, and sending unencrypted e-mails and one can legitimately question any realistic expectation of privacy and security in today’s and tomorrow’ digitized healthcare world. Yet, the expectation is based on legal and ethical obligations for health providers to do exactly that—protect the privacy of the information through reasonable and appropriate cybersecurity.

This webinar explored possible solutions and made recommendations concerning how to implement and complement cybersecurity in healthcare.

Presenter: Sean Murphy

This webinar was presented by Sean Murphy (CISSP, ISSMP, HCISPP, FACHE, CPHIMS, CIPP / IT). Sean is a vice president in Leidos Health Solutions business line and serves as the organization’s health information privacy and security officer. He has held CIO and CISO positions in healthcare organizations at the hospital and system levels. He retired from the US Air Force having attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and has held CIO and CISO positions in healthcare organizations at the hospital and system levels. His proudest professional accomplishment was his service as senior mentor in 2008-2009 to the Afghan National Police Surgeon General’s Office in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He has a master’s degree in business administration from the University of South Florida, a master’s degree in health services administration from Central Michigan University, and a bachelor’s degree in human resource management from the University of Maryland. He is an adjunct professor at St. Leo University. He holds numerous professional certifications and is past chairman of the HIMSS Privacy and Security Committee.

He is a current Fellow National Cybersecurity Institute. Sean is a featured presenter and author in numerous forums, webinars, and conferences as a recognized healthcare industry subject matter expert with white papers and contributions to health information security textbooks, including his recent publication (2015), “Health Information Security and Privacy.”